Residential Proxy Plan

Residential Proxy Plan

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      - Global plan with over 100 million IPs across 4 unique networks.
      - Special pools for every site and nearly every country.
      - Multiple private networks only available to Leaf users.
      - Elite drop proxies included with every plan.
      - Includes both user pass and IP authentication methods.
      - Dedicated support team providing assistance in multiple languages.
      - Free Zephyr monitors access for residential plan members.
      - Active for 60 days from purchase date or until all data has been used.

      Active Users - Data Rolls Over:
      - If you have an active plan your existing data will be added to new purchases and you will receive a fresh 60 days from the new purchase date.

          Terms of service: Digital product, no refunds. Data overuse will result in cancellation without refund at sole discretion of Leaf Proxies. Proof of order email delivery constitutes fulfillment of order. No guarantees, expressed or implied.


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