Residential Proxy Plans

Residential Proxy Plan

    Residential Proxy Plan - Newly Upgraded!

    Instant delivery!

      - Only plan in the industry with both user:pass and IP Authorized proxies!
      - Twice as many proxies as a standard residential plan. Generate over 4500 US proxies and 500 for every country (17 countries available)
      - Dedicated infrastructure features custom solutions exclusive to Leaf Proxies users.
      - Global locations (US, UK, CA, SG, JP, CN and many more).
      - Static and dynamic proxies available 24/7.
      - Discord access for proxy creation commands and IP authorization.
      - Dedicated support team providing assistance in multiple languages.
      - Free monitor access for residential plan members (Shopify, Supreme, Nike, Adidas + More).
      - Active for 30 days from purchase date or until the full amount of data has been used.
      - IP Authorization Limits: 1 gb - 3  IPs, 2 gb - 5 IPs, 4 gb - 7 IPs.


      Existing users:
      - If you have an active plan new purchases will be added to your existing data and you will receive a fresh 30 days from the new purchase date.

          Terms of service: Digital product, no refunds. Proof of order email delivery constitutes fulfillment of order.