Undefeated X Nike Airmax 90s
Undefeated and Nike collab yet again with Air Max 90s! 🔥 Secure your pairs with Leaf Proxies @ https://leafproxies.com

Undefeated X Nike Airmax 90s are dropping on Monday, 12/30/19!

Proxy Suggestions:

Shopify (Undefeated site) 

Undefeated is different from many Shopify sites. Sometimes they drop without antibot and datacenter proxies take stock. This is a big drop for them so they might use antibot. Be prepared for either situation.

-    Residential (Best option if antibot is up)

1.    IP Auth Shopify Pools (1-42)
2.    IP Auth country proxies
3.    User pass (Private 2 – Private 1 – Regular)

- User pass will be the fastest on Shopify. IP auth will have the most stable performance. Run both for best odds.
-    Datacenter (Best option if antibot is off)

1.    Mobile
2.    AIO
3.    10Gbps VA/CHI/UK


All proxies are working on Nike SNKRS to enter accounts (resi and all DC). Entering accounts has been easy lately but getting winning entries with bots or multiple browser programs has been very difficult due to Nike’s advanced filtering.