Supreme Week 9
Supreme Week 9 is dropping tomorrow! ūüćÉ Purchase proxies @

For testing proxies in the Leaf Proxy tester to Supreme use this URL:


There are no high profit items on this drop. If you are planning  to run for the Box Logo on Friday we suggest NOT running any Comcast/AIO  DC proxies on Supreme Thursday!

Running restocks on Supreme Week 9 with Comcast/AIO DCs is not allowed. If you do, we will cancel your order with no refund.

Save your DC/Comcast/AIO proxies for Friday and only run limited tasks with resi if you are going for these brick items.
Proxy Suggestions:
-    Residential Networks
  1. IP Auth
  2. User Pass
  3. User Pass ‚Äď 2

General Tips

Always use proxies from at least two networks!

  • - Run a mix of at least two proxy pools. Using all the proxies¬†in the¬† pool gives you the best chance at success, and the highest¬†chance¬†to¬† create a list with enough fast proxies for your location.
  • - Filter based on speeds using the Leaf Proxy tester before loading proxies in your bot. Do not skip this step. Supreme is FCFS.
  • - All residential proxy load balancing is now done on the back end. You¬† can generate proxies any time. You do not have to wait for drop¬†servers¬† to be launched.
Supreme UK
  • - All Leaf residential pools work on Supreme UK.
  • - IP auth and¬†User Pass 1 have special SUP pools¬†(SUP-UK). These are proxies from various EU countries that are tested¬†and working on Supreme UK.
  • - Any static country proxies from Europe will work on Supreme UK (FR, GB, DE, IT, etc.).
  • - Reminder: UK country proxies are listed as GB in our country pools.
Supreme US
  • - All Leaf residential pools work on Supreme US.
  • - The IP auth and¬†User Pass 1 gateways have special SUP pools¬†(SUP-US). These are proxies from multiple North American countries that are tested and working on Supreme US.
  • - If you only want IPs from the US, select the US static country pools instead. Mix US proxies from at least two proxy pools (IP auth and user pass, or user pass and user pass 2)

Datacenter/Weekly AIO/Comcast
  • - Do not even bother risking these proxies on this brick drop. Just run resi.
  • - If you run restocks on this Supreme drop with DC/AIO/Comcast we will cancel your order with no refund.
Good luck on the drops! Make sure to tag us in your success for a RT!
If you need more detailed drop support feel free to open a ticket in our Discord -