Supreme TNF
Supreme Week 13 is dropping tomorrow! Will you be grabbing anything for personal? ūüćÉ Purchase proxies @

Supreme Week 13

Proxy Setup Resources:

  • Turn on drop alerts in our residential Discord
  • Watch the videos in the information channel
  • Watch the GIFs in the Dashboard GIFs channel
  • Read the FAQ channel
Proxy Suggestions:

Residential Networks
  1. IP Auth
  2. User Pass
  3. User Pass - 2
Always use proxies from at least two networks!
-  Run a mix of at least two proxy pools. Using all the proxies in the pool gives you the best chance at success.
- Filter based on speeds using the Leaf Proxy tester before loading proxies in your bot. Use an in stock product link when testing

Supreme UK

  • - IP auth and¬†User Pass 1 have special SUP pools¬†(SUP-UK). These¬† are proxies from various EU countries that are tested¬†and working on Supreme UK.
  • - Any static country proxies from Europe will work on Supreme UK (FR, GB, DE, IT, etc.).
  • - Reminder: UK country proxies are listed as GB in our country pools.

Supreme US

  • - If you only want IPs from the US, select the US static country¬†pools instead. Mix US proxies from at least two proxy pools (IP auth and¬†user pass, or user pass and user pass 2).
  • - The IP auth and¬†User Pass 1 gateways have special SUP¬†pools¬†(SUP-US). These are proxies from multiple North American countries¬†that are tested and working on Supreme US.


Datacenter/Weekly AIO/Comcast

  • - The following DC proxy types are currently working on Supreme:¬† Daily VA, Last Minute VA, Monthly UK AIO, Monthly Comcast,¬† Weekly¬†AIO DC.
  • - If you copped Comcast proxies on a restock this month, they are not working on Supreme yet. They will ping to Supreme UK
  • - Always run some tasks with residential data plan¬†proxies as well.
  • -¬†Do not run non-stop restocks on Supreme with DC proxies!¬† You will burn the IPs. We will not replace or refund if DCs get banned¬†so protect them.

Good luck on the drops! Make sure to tag us in your success for a RT!
If you need more detailed drop support feel free to open a ticket in our Discord -