Nike Stussy
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Nike Stussy

-    Residential (Best option if antibot is on)
  • - Run a mix of both IP auth AND user pass 1 Shopify proxies. Using¬† all of the proxies in the pool gives you the best chance at success,¬† and the highest chance to create a list with enough fast proxies for¬†¬† your¬† location.
  • - Make some tasks with US proxies from both IP auth and user pass 1.
  • - Filter based on speeds using the Leaf Proxy tester before loading proxies in your bot. Do not skip this step.

  • - Example setup: 100 proxies from a mix of IP auth Shopify, all¬†¬†¬† gateways. 100 proxies from a mix of user pass Shopify, all gateways.¬†¬† 100¬† proxies from IP auth US static 1-8. 100 proxies from user pass US¬†¬† general 1-4.¬† Load all 400 proxies into a proxy tester, remove timeouts,¬† filter by speed (3000 and under) using the Leaf Proxy Tester, load into¬† your bot.
-    Datacenter - (Best option if antibot is off)
1.    AT&T/Comcast
  • - On Monday Shopify updated antibot. Many bot companies reported issues with DC proxies, and updates to captcha systems.
  • - We suggest running the majority of your Shopify tasks on Residential data plans.
  • - You can run DC proxies as a backup but we do not suggest making them your primary option on Shopify for this drop.
  • - If antibot is off DC proxies are the best option for restocks.


All proxies are working on Nike SNKRS to enter accounts (resi and   all DC). Entering accounts has been easy lately but getting winning  entries with bots or multiple browser programs has been very difficult  due to Nike’s advanced filtering.

  • - Make sure your proxies match the region you are targeting. We¬† have sorted proxies by region in the SNKRS pool (US and UK, and JP).
  • - You can also use the country pools for IP auth and user pass. Mix both IP auth and user pass for maximum proxy diversity.
  • - If you are running on smaller regional Nike sites please test¬†¬† proxies prior to the drop. Most countries from the region should work.
  • - We suggest running multiple countries whenever possible instead of using only one country.
  • - For smaller countries run proxies from all 3 pools for best results (IP auth, Global User Pass 1 and 2)
  • - For IP auth and Global User Pass 2 always use static 1 and 2 together for smaller country pools.

Other Sites

  • - Residential proxies from IP auth and user pass 1 are the best option for small sites.
  • - IP auth and Global User Pass 2 residential proxies work on¬†¬†¬† almost every lowkey site (SNK, SNS, ShoePalace, BSTN, FNL, SoleBox,¬†¬†¬† Titolo, CCS, etc.)
  • - AT&T and Comcast proxies are currently working on almost¬† all¬† sites. Do not run extended restocks or low delays on lowkey sites or¬†¬† you can get your proxies banned. Small sites are able to detect proxy¬†¬† traffic much easier than large sites.
  • - Comcast¬† proxies do not work on Shoe Palace or Hibbett yet but the will once the¬† database updates.
  • - If you are running on a lowkey site make sure to test proxies¬† using a browser and by running a bot task before the drop.¬† Always test¬† and filter your proxies before starting tasks to ensure optimum setup.

Good luck on the drops! Make sure to tag us in your success for a RT!

If you need more detailed drop support feel free to open a ticket in our Discord -