Microsoft Xbox Series X & S Console
Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S Preorders are dropping tomorrow!🍃 Our users managed to secure hundreds of PS5s 🎮 Cook with Leaf Proxies @
Resources :
- Get Drop Alerts role in #rules
- Read #live-drop-info
- Watch the videos in #information
- Watch the GIFs in #visual-guides
- Read the #faq
- View Sprint status in #proxies-status
- Open ticket in #open-support-ticket
Suggestions :


-    Residential Networks
  1. IP Auth
  2. User Pass 1
  3. User Pass 2
  4. User Pass 3 (Drop proxies)

Use at least 3 networks
- IP Auth/ User Pass 1/ User Pass 3
- User Pass/ User Pass 2/ User Pass 3
Use at least a 2:1 proxy to task ratio.

User pass 3 pools are drop proxies - generate proxies 1 hour before drop!
  • Stores & Ace are the main drop pools

Filter based on speed using the Leaf Proxy Tester before loading proxies in your bot
Use 3000 as threshold for FCFS releases and 5000 as threshold for splash/ queue releases

Retail Stores 

IP Auth/ User Pass 1
Country/ Gateway Options to Use
- US > All static

User Pass 2
Country/ Gateway Options to Use
- US > All static

User Pass 3
Country/ Gateway Options to Use
- Ace Forest > US
- Stores-US > Any gateway

The following DC proxies currently work :
- Home ISP-C (Comcast)
- Mobile ISP-S (Sprint)
- Weekly AIO DC
- Daily/ Last Minute DC
- Captcha VA DC

The following DC proxies don't work :

Disclaimer : Since these are true static IPs, they can still get banned at any time so always run residential proxies as well

Other Sites
  • - Residential proxies from IP Auth/ User Pass 1/ User Pass 3 are the best option for small sites.
  • - Both IP auth and user pass residential proxies work on almost every lowkey site (SNS, BSTN, FNL, SoleBox, Titolo, CCS, etc.)
  • - Weekly AIO DC, Home ISP-C (Comcast) and Mobile ISP-S (Sprint) proxies are currently working on almost all sites. Do not run extended restocks or low delays on low-key sites or you can get your proxies banned. Small sites can detect proxy traffic much easier than large sites.
  • - If you are running on a low-key site make sure to test proxies using a browser and by running a test bot task before the drop.  Always test and filter your proxies before starting tasks to ensure optimum setup.

Good luck on the drops! Make sure to tag us in your success for a RT!
If you need more detailed drop support feel free to open a ticket in our Discord -