Clot Air Force 1s are Set to Release on Juicestore
The highly anticipated rose gold Clot AF1s drop on Juicestore this week. These limited kicks feature a collectable box and should fetch heavy resell values!
Paul Rodriguez Dunks are also releasing on SNKRS tomorrow. Check out our proxy guides for both drops:
Proxy Suggestions:
Shopify (Juicestore)
-    Residential (Best option if antibot is up)
1.    IP Auth Shopify Pools (1-42)
2.    IP Auth country proxies
3.    User pass (US Private 1, US, UK)
- Always test your proxies and filter by speed prior to a shopify drop. The best time to do this is within 30 minutes of the drop. This will give you the best proxy speeds and stability.
- User pass will be the fastest on Shopify. IP auth will have the most stable performance. Run both for best odds.
-    Datacenter (Best option if antibot is off)
1.    AT&T - Users cooked Kith Godfather with AT&T proxies. We make no guarantees but there has been recent success while antibot is up.
2.    Clean AIO
3.    10Gbps
All proxies are working on Nike SNKRS to enter accounts (Resi and all DC). Entering accounts has been easy lately but getting winning entries with bots or multiple browser programs has been very difficult due to Nike’s advanced filtering.
Good luck on the drops! Make sure to tag us in your success for a RT!
If you need more detailed drop support feel free to open a ticket in our Discord -